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Antigone by Sophocles will be the first production for the THEATRON

scheduled for next year.

A Brief Summary of the Play

In this seminal Greek play by Sophocles, Antigone defies the royal edict sent out by her uncle, Creon, not to bury the body of her brother, Polynices.


Oedipus’ two sons have killed each other in a fight for the crown of Thebes. Their uncle Creon becomes king and declares that Eteocles will receive holy burial while his brother Polynices is left unburied to rot at the gates of the city as a warning to other traitors. Their sister Antigone can’t accept this desecration. Knowing full well it will result in her own death, Antigone determines to bury Polynices, so his soul may rest.

Cast of Characters

  • Antigone: Daughter of Oedipus. 

  • Ismene: Daughter of Oedipus. 

  • Creon: King of Thebes.

  • Haemon: Son of Kreon.

  • Euridice: Wife of Creon.

  • Tiresias: The blind prophet. 

  • Guard: Set to watch the corpse of Polynices.

  • Messenger.

  • Chorus of Theban Elders.

One of the great classics of Greek drama that speaks as powerfully today as it did when first performed - when faced with the conflict between law and personal morality, what is the right choice? 


A  timeless play whose themes of power, loyalty, tyranny, justice, and the position of women in society continue to resonate strongly today.

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